“… we’re in great hands with World champions and the largest balloon company in the world which is fabulous. It’s going to be a terrific promotional piece for our business and as you can see our customers and colleagues all love it”

Deanna Oppenheimer, CEO, Barclays Bank



“We commissioned two hot air balloons with Exclusive Ballooning for the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2008. They were so effective we continue to use them at corporate events around the UK. The team from Exclusive are incredibly professional and know how to extract every ounce of media attention from every event.”

Charlotte Smith, Betfair


Avenue Q – The Musical

“The musical AVENUE Q is all about people dreaming about going up in the world, so what better opportunity for upwardly mobile puppets and our super talented cast, headed by Daniel Boys, to climb aboard this beautiful balloon to celebrate our third year being on top of the world and still London’s most outrageously funny, cheeky and original musical.”

Sir Cameron Mackintosh


Triumph International

Exclusive Ballooning approached Triumph International with their creative idea of digitally printing the sloggi campaign onto balloons which had not been done before. The project has been running for five years and we have had six balloons for both Sloggi and Triumph brands which have visited over twenty countries across four continents. Professional, friendly and expert pilots, Exclusive Ballooning also instinctively know where to find the press angle from any situation and this has helped gain significant media coverage from the project. Every press question is answered with the words sloggi, sloggi, sloggi… ”

Oliver Commentz Senior Head of Marketing & Communication Global Western Fit Services – Triumph International


Nick Higham

“Andrew Holly and his team went out of their way to help us in our coverage of the ballooning event at Pidley last September, inflating balloons and laying out equipment purely for the benefit of the cameras, and giving us a series of live and entertaining interviews with pilot and back-up team alike. It was a great pleasure working with them.”

Nick Higham, BBC News


Sue Loder, PR Consultant

“Andrew is a true professional and its always a pleasure working with him. If its ideas you’re after, he spots marketing opportunities from sky high. Then whether in the air or on the ground he’ll deal with the media knowledgeably and courteously. Journalists love him for his soundbites, and companies love him for the number of brand mentions he manages each interview. Just make sure your dedication to working round the clock matches his!”

Sue Loder, Press Officer, Triumph International


Collett Transport Services Limited

I just wanted to thank you personally for the top job your pilots achieved in giving a very good presence of Collett Transport Services with the CTS balloon at the nationally acclaimed Plant and Waste Recycling Show which is held annually on the Paignton sea front greens.

Anyone who is anyone in the Waste and recycling industry attends during the 3 days, where the national waste and recycling awards are also held,

It was a difficult tether with limited space but you professionally stood the balloon up for a couple of hours each day in anything but perfect weather and made CTS the talk of the show.

Andy Collett, Director


Cowlin Construction

“Cowlin Construction benefits from the superb value for money by using branded balloons to cover our regional geographic area. Additionally, Cowlin guests and suppliers enjoy wonderful hospitality and flights every year at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Exclusive Ballooning are quick to spot a potential press angle and have the contacts and track record to maximize these opportunities”

Hugh Dalton, Divisional Marketing Director, Cowlin Construction.


Sloggi UK

Sloggi made headline news with a new and innovative way to extend their traditional advertising medium. Exclusive Ballooning identified an opportunity that was perfect for the Sloggi brand – advertising on the balloons gained masses of PR attention and enabled the brand to be more creative, fun and stand out that traditional forms do not always allow. The campaigns were launched in the UK but soon gained International acclaim… the balloons soon took off and travelled the world exciting the audiences and capturing the hearts and imagination of all people.. Exclusive ballooning take a brand and bring it to life by pushing boundaries and exploring different ways to be more creative and innovative..including many record breaking stunt ideas!

Purminder Mondair, Sloggi UK


Uphill Motor Company

“Uphill Motor Company have used balloon branding for seventeen years as a major part of our local marketing strategy and is incredibly cost effective. The balloon is well known in our area and I have no doubt that it has dramatically boosted awareness of Uphill to our target customers. Exclusive Ballooning are also brilliant at gaining additional local press coverage for us using the balloon to create a story quite often from nowhere”

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director, Uphill Motor Company, Weston-super-Mare



We moved our Somerfield charity balloon to Exclusive Ballooning in 1999, having used a number of different operating companies in the preceding years. Having been impressed with Exclusive Ballooning’s professionalism we added two further charity balloons into our portfolio, one in 2000 and one in 2001. All three balloons remain with Exclusive Ballooning with whom we are extremely satisfied.

Exclusive Ballooning has always been extremely professional and easy to deal with regards the operation of the balloons, and continue to put forward suggestions for maximizing the fund raising potential of the balloon whilst maintaining the media coverage.

Because of their excellent negotiating skills and connections, year on year they continue to provide us with new fund raising opportunities on a reduced cost basis enabling us to maximize the potential of our budget. Exclusive Ballooning have also operated our balloons in many Countries outside of the UK across three continents again with professionalism and ease.

Brian Benjamin, Charity Manager Somerfield Stores Ltd