We offer a range of marketing inflatables, from our standard ground balloons and light tubes to customized bespoke or digitally printed ground balloons, marketing pods, characters and product replicas.

Each product is pressure tested for a minimum of eight hours prior to delivery to ensure there is no leakage and is supplied with a repair kit as standard.

Light tubes digitially printed with your brand

Our range of ‘Light Tubes’ provides you the opportunity to display your company name, product or brand in a unique and eye catching manner.

With the ability of being displayed either indoors or outdoors light tubes cannot fail to catch your eye. At night your Light Tube will illuminate providing an ambient glow lending itself to displaying your name; and capable of being used as a way of dressing a grand entrance to either a Corporate Event, Gala Dinner, Ball or similar.

Manufactured from a lightweight polyurethane coated nylon this durable inflatable tube mounts to a ground base unit. On connecting to mains supply the ground units fans start inflating the coloured branded tube. The lights can be positioned on or off according to the time of day, enabling your Light Tube to either remain inflated for daylight use or Glow for night use.

Our standard range of tubes vary from 2m to 6m high and 33cm to 1m diameter. The most popular designs being 46cm diameter, 2m and 3m tall.


Our range of giant Festive Inflatable Characters provides you the opportunity to display an attractive character of your choice with the capability of attracting passing trade. These characters can carry banners displaying your company name, product or a message of your choice, portraying your brand or message in a very unique and striking manner and are available for sale or hire. 

Our inflatable Characters are suitable for outside use and can be used in a variety of environments that cannot fail to catch the eye. Versatile enough to be used anywhere from Garden Centres, Superstore Car Parks or even on rooftops the opportunities for these characters are endless.

Inflatable walking characters and products

Inflatable walking products are made from high quality lightweight Oxford nylon and incorporate small powered fans which maintain the product structure whilst mobile.

Products can be made with or without arms depending on the required shape and whether it is necessary to hand out items.
We offer full campaigns, single use campaigns or simply product manufacture only. We keep some generic walking characters in stock and we can supply short notice hire to your event priced by the hour, day or week.
These products are particularly great social media tools as people can have their photograph taken and uploaded to the website live on site.